Showcase all of your urlz with one url.

example of urlz page
example of urlz page

Names are .025 - .05 ETH each depending on length.

the details

URLZ allows you to share just one single url to showcase all of your urlz to your community. Works great for your social media bios and posts. To get access, mint your /name and you’ll immediately be able to edit and share your page.

Check out these examples:

how it works

step 1

Claim your /name by minting a URLZ. You can mint up to 4 at a time from .025 - .05 ETH + gas depending on the length.

step 2

Edit your URLZ page.

  • Add your display name.
  • Add a short bio to describe yourself or your project.
  • Select an NFT in your wallet to feature or use your gradient background from your /name NFT as art.
  • Add all of your urlz that you want to share!
step 3

Start sharing everywhere! Add your to your Twitter bio and everywhere else you’d like to connect with your audience. They’ll now get all of your urlz, in just one :)


Dann Petty

Dann Petty

Co-Founder + Designer

Dann has been a freelance web designer for Deadfellaz, Google, Airbnb, Medium, Nike, NFL, Billabong, National Geographic, and many others for the past 15 years.

Mark Bucknell

Mark Bucknell

Co-Founder + Developer

Mark is a freelance web developer and has worked in web2 for many years. Currently working with DeadFellaz and other upcoming web3 projects.


Creating your URLZ page is just the beginning of this project. Here are some exciting things we’re working on for the URLZ community next:

goal 1

Roll out the base pages. Allow everyone to claim and mint their /name and set up a page.

goal 2

Greeterz NFT Collection. Shortly after launch of Phase 1, we’ll be releasing our special NFT collection that makes your’s even more special.

goal 3

Templatez. We want to provide several different design templatez for you to customize your page. These will be mintable and provided in limited runs.

Current Random Goals

Special Project Features. We want to allow project owners to display information on their page that displays information like: volume, unique owners, floor price, etc.

Light mode/Dark mode. We started out with dark mode because we enjoy it however we’d like to be able to provide the option - black background or white background.


Do I need to mint a name to get a page?Yes. The only way to to get a page is to mint your /name here.

If I sell or transfer my name to a different wallet, what will happen to that name?If you sell your name or transfer it to a different wallet, your page will no longer be active as the info displayed is only for the wallet. Because of this, the page will revert back to default settings when sold or transfered to a different wallet.

What if my name is not available?If you don’t see your desired name available, check to see if that name is for sale on secondary. You may even be able to make an offer there as well if it’s not for sale.

Can I set my page private?Yes, absolutely. Either on the names page or any edit page, you have the ability to switch the pages to public or private.

How many names can I have?You may have as many names as you’d like but each name will be it’s own page.